Nohe y Sus Santos

Featuring musicians from Honduras, México and the US, Nohe & Sus Santos is a band to watch. Formed in 2018 by celebrated Honduran vocalist and songwriter Nohelia Sosa, along with veteran guitarist Randy Sanchez, the band is rounded out by the heavy hitting rhythm section of drummer Dennis Jasso and percussionist Mike Trujillo.

From cumbia to alternative rock en espanol to pop grooves and beyond, accentuated with stabbing, sensual guitar lines, supple bass and percussion - and that voice! At once powerful, sultry, and alluring, vocalist Nohelia Sosa completes a group of fabuloso musicians that can only be described as excitingly fresh, possessing a distinctive style that is all its own. Nohe & Sus Santos delivers a fresh LatinX vibe full of soul, passion and attitude.

Nohe & Sus Santos finds its stride in creating songs that cross language and cultural borders, fostering a multicultural empowering experience. Along with positive messages of self-identification and respect for Latino heritage, the group also offers those unfamiliar with Latino culture and music a bridge on which to meet, a place where Rock and Pop interweave with Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms.  It is a sound that is as universal as it is distinctive. A sound that moves people of all nationalities and ages - body, mind, and soul - as the enthusiastic audience response at their live shows attests.